Why I Came Out Publicly About Being Autistic

The reason I ‘came out’ publicly about being autistic was that I was at a conference down in Berkshire with professionals working with autistic families, including social workers, teachers, charity workers, councillors, counsellors, and GPs.

At break time, I was engaged in conversation with a social worker who was explaining about a family she worked with where the three sons were all autistic and the mother was really struggling with high anxiety. I suggested that the mother herself might be on the spectrum and this might be contributing to her anxiety.

Before I could say anything further, this social worker exclaimed, “Oh, no! She couldn’t possibly be on the spectrum! She’s far too intelligent! She has a university Degree! And anyway she’s married and she has a full time job! And it’s mostly men and she’s a woman! She is certainly not autistic!”

I struggled to keep my teacup from rattling on its saucer as I launched in, indignantly, “I’m very sorry but I think you will need to go back to basics, relearn everything you have ever learned about autism, for your sake and for your clients! I am a woman; I have been to university-twice and got a Degree; I have always worked since leaving home; I am married; I am a good parent – in fact, I can do anything you can do but I am also AUTISTIC!”

Needless to say, the woman was left open-mouthed as I turned on my heels after my outburst. She and a fair few others heard it. I wouldn’t be on her Christmas card list any more..!

This is what I really wanted to say when you sent me the board but I didn’t think it would have been appropriate. I do, however, tell many people this same story when they ask me why I decided to be so open about my being autistic. I got a very late diagnosis at the age of 50 so I have skated under the radar for most of my life. No longer. The above story is the reason why I want to be involved as much as possible to change these dangerous, outdated attitudes for once and for all.

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